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  • Text, Email, QR-to-Pay Invoicing*
  • Terminal, Mobile, Online Payments*
  • Unlimited User Logins*
  • Latest Encryption & Tokenization Security

ConnextPayPro Business Solutions™

Lowest Merchant Processing Fees with Compliant Rate Programs


  • Traditional Program: Guaranteed Plus™ Save up to 15% or more
    Processing Fees Paid By: Merchant Pays on All Cards
    Your interchange plus rate is locked-in and guaranteed to never change
  • Surcharge Program: Credit Share™ Save up to 70% or more
    Processing Fees Paid By: Merchant & Customer Share on Credit Cards
    You set the share of your credit card processing fees to pass through to customers††
  • Dual Pricing Program: Card 100™ Save 100%
    Processing Fees Paid By: Customer Pays on All Cards
    You set a card price and a cash price to pay none of your merchant processing fees

*Intelligent, Integrated, Indispensable Point-of-Sale with À La Carte Benefits

  • Retail Sales and Service Business Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty Program
  • Sales and Sales Tax Reports
  • Restaurant/Bar Sales Management w/Kitchen Display
  • Reservations Management
  • Staff Hours and Tip Management
  • Secure Open Tabs

ConnextPayPro’s Point-Of-Sale Technology Supports and Processes Credit Cards for All Business Types

Retail Stores
& Gift Shops
& Cafes
Convenience &
Gas Stations
Body Shops & Auto Repair Centers
Healthcare, Doctors, Dentists
Dealerships &
Parts Centers
Big Box &
Discount Stores
e-Commerce &
Online Payments
Service Industry & Waste Management
& Lodging
“Saying” Their Program is Compliant and It “Being” Compliant Are Not The Same

Spotting Non-Compliant Cash Discount Programs

Terms to Watch For
  • “Non-Cash Adjustment”
  • “Non-Cash Fee”
  • “Service Fee”
Practices to Watch For
  • Signature Debit Cards Charged
  • Posting “Cash Prices”
  • Surcharges Disguised as Cash Discount

Companies today often say they provide compliant processing but if they use the terms or practices shown above, their program is not compliant and it exposes your company.
Penalties you face range from bad social media reviews to consumer advocates filing complaints with your state’s Attorney General and can lead to loss of your merchant account.

Learn how ConnextPayPro’s technology meets regulatory compliance and protects your business while still allowing you to keep 100% of your credit processing fees.

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